Biotech CEO reviews the efficacy of ketamine, MDMA & psychedelic therapy for mental health (podcast episode)

October 28, 2022


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According to The New Yorker, ketamine therapy is going mainstream. 

Evidence from studies using this drug to treat mental health issues has been very promising, as stated in the National Library of Medicine, with results showing a significant improvement in depression, anxiety, and the severity of illness after ketamine treatment. 

In today’s episode of the Brains Byte Back podcast, we will explore how this drug is being used and how it stands to impact the future of treating mental illnesses. 

To do this we spoke with Dr. Tiago Marques, CEO of Pasithea Therapeutics, a biotech company at the forefront of research solutions to the world’s mental health problems.

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In the episode, Marques tells us how Pasithea first started, and shares some insights into day-to-day research at the company.

He also explains how mobile clinics and controlled ketamine infusion work. Alongside, how effective ketamine is for treating PTSD, depression, and other similar issues. 

Additionally, he shares how ketamine therapy has demonstrated a 75% efficacy rate for those suffering from treatment-resistant depression. And a 50% efficacy rate for those suffering from PTSD.

And finally, Marques shares exciting trends in the medical space using psychedelics, and explains what legal implications when working in the psychedelic space in the US right now. 


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