In which country is Twitter more popular than Facebook?

January 7, 2012


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Japan is the only country in the world where Twitter has a higher number of monthly unique visitors than Facebook, that’s according to Business Insider quoting comScore data.

In no other country tracked by comScore analytics has Twitter more visitors than Facebook – although, there are still an estimated seven countries where Facebook has yet to dominate, losing out to the likes of Orkut and other regional networks.

Twitter vs Facebook in Japan (January 2012)

The seven countries where Facebook is not the most popular network are Brazil, China, Japan, Russia, Poland, South Korea and Vietnam, although conflicting reports suggest that Facebook may have actually overtaken Orkut in Brazil recently.

Data from Google Ad Planner adds weights to comScore’s analysis, suggesting that in Japan, as of November 2011, Facebook had reached 19 million unique monthly visitors while Twitter had reached 21 million.

Japan is a nation of mobile device users and mobile has always been at the core of Twitter, so perhaps this somewhat explains Twitter’s dominance there, for now.


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Albizu Garcia

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