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Social photo sharing site Flickr reaches five billion uploads

Social photo sharing site Flickr reaches five billion uploads
Woodward's building collage on Flickr

Woodward's building collage on Flickr

Flickr’s popularity continues to grow with the service quietly celebrating its five billionth photo upload.

This interesting collage of the Woodward’s building in Vancouver, Canada was taken by Flickr user Aaron Yeo last Thursday. Aaron’s photo caption reads “I am Mr. 5 Billion, and there ain’t nothing you can do to stop me”.

Five billions uploads may sound like a lot but this figure is dwarfed by Facebook’s 2.5 billion plus photo uploads each month. While Flickr may be one of the most popular and well known dedicated photo sharing sites, Facebook wins outright on numbers alone.

Image courtesy of Aaron Yeo on Flickr.

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