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Twitter creates once in a lifetime “11.11.11” visualisation

Twitter's 11.11.11 visualisation
Twitter's 11.11.11 visualisation

Twitter is a great place for connecting around subjects of shared interest or significance, like major sporting events, natural disasters or rare binary occurrences as happened last Friday, November 11th – 11/11/11.

Twitter’s own analytics and data visualization expert Miguel Rios created this exceptional clip of tweets that mentioned “11:11” throughout the day. Each “1” represents a tweet’s location where the date was mentioned, with the size of each “1” increasing according to tweet volume.

As expected, there’s an obvious concentration of tweets around 11am and again at 11pm. Two waves occur in the visualisation, moving from right to left as the various timezones reach the opportune hours.

It really does illustrate the connectedness of users on Twitter on a global scale.

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