iPhone 4S the most desired technology product this Christmas

Homer Simpson
Homer Simpson

The iPhone 4S is the most sought-after technology product this Christmas with 39% of respondents to a recent SodaHead poll hoping to receive one.

Focusing solely on tablet devices, unsurprisingly the iPad 2 remains top of the list with 65% of respondents hoping to receive one this Christmas. Compare that to 24% and 11% hoping to receive the Kindle Fire and the Nook tablet respectively. Overall, the iPad 2 is the second most-desired technology product this Christmas on 31% popularity.

Gaming related presents are also popular with Microsoft’s Xbox Kinect featuring high on most people’s wish lists. The top gifts for kids include video games, preferred by 51% of respondents, and computers, preferred by 32%. Music and movies score fairly low, featuring on just 8% of wish lists.

What about mobile apps as gifts? Don’t bother. 59% of respondents think apps make terrible gifts. Good old-fashioned hard cash, gift vouchers and holidays, however, are still preferred by most.

SodaHead poll: What people want for Christmas 2011
SodaHead poll: What people want for Christmas 2011

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