Android OS: the fastest growing mobile OS in Ireland

Angry Steve Jobs
Angry Steve Jobs
Angry Steve Jobs
Angry Steve Jobs

Figures from StatCounter Global Stats to the end of October 2010 have revealed that once again Android OS is the fastest growing mobile OS in Ireland. In fact, it’s the only mobile OS that has shown growth in the last month, with every other mobile OS’s share of internet traffic decreasing slightly.

iOS is still the dominant OS in Ireland with 69.68% of mobile internet traffic. This figure is virtually unchanged from 69.72% the previous month. Symbian OS is the second most popular mobile OS with a traffic share of 13.97%, down 0.24% on the previous month.

Android OS, as the third most popular mobile OS in Ireland, has again shown promising growth with a 1.51% increase in the last month to a 9.31% share of mobile traffic.

Android will no doubt maintain its growth in the coming months, further helped by Android handset deals such as those offered by Meteor which we reported on last month.

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