Bike safely with these LED gloves

LED bicycle gloves

LED bicycle gloves

While high visibility vests are a must when cycling during the hours of darkness, these specially designed LED gloves add an extra layer of safety, allowing cyclists to signal while turning at night.

The gloves, known as Early Winter Night Biking Gloves, have been designed by Irene Posch. Five LED lights on each glove, each powered by a single coin cell battery, light up when the wearer clenches their fist.

LED bicycle gloves on streetThe LEDs form an arrow shape, so a cyclist turning left would raise their left arm and clench their fist to activate the LED turn signal. The glove’s fingertips have conductive areas also, allowing wearers to use touchscreen devices like smartphones – although, hopefully not while cycling.

The gloves aren’t yet available to purchase, but may be ready for wholesale production this winter.

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