Connect: Healthtech, an Event To Bring Together Technological Innovators in The Health Space

July 27, 2022


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One would be hard pressed to argue that the healthcare space is anything like it was pre-pandemic. When it comes to medical services, the spectrum has widened dramatically— from online telehealth appointments all the way to surgical robots.

Healthcare has become digitized, and in ways, this has advanced healthcare professionals’ capacity to give care. In fact, 68% of patients say they’re more likely to choose medical providers that offer the ability to book, change, or cancel appointments online.

HealthTech is a pitch competition designed to bring together leading media members with startups focused on innovation within the health technology industry, and is being hosted this Thursday, July 28th from 1-2:30 PM EST. Let’s take a look at what people can expect to see at Connect: Healthtech.

Connecting Startups and The Media

At Connect: HealthTech, six startups will pitch their ventures to a panel of Media Judges and receive valuable feedback about their companies before the committee selects a winner. There will be a live Q&A session with the Media Judges afterward, where the founders and the audience can ask questions to gain valuable insights.

Startups include a wide variety of technologically advanced health services. From Rocket VR Health, a startup that is developing virtual reality digital therapeutics to address unmet mental health needs in cancer patients and survivors, to Firefly Lab, an educational data management system (platform) for tracking medical, clinical, and procedural performance and helping surgeons to master surgical procedures. 

There are also innovative apps like Selia, which helps connect people with psychologists that are fit for their mental health needs, and Source Meridian, a startup that provides the life science industry with software that utilizes big data and artificial intelligence to provide this space “early access to cutting-edge technology”.

“Connect” competitions are events hosted by PR company Publicize and are open to all members of the startup community. The idea behind these events is to create stimulating conversation from experts across industries, fostering the spirit of collaboration that can lead to the ideation of more attainable solutions in the different realms of business in which the events are themed. 

HealthTech For The Future of Healthcare

There are over 400,000 healthcare apps available for download in app stores—and more than 200 are being added each day—making it so just this niche within healthtech alone is projected to be worth a staggering $125.32 billion by 2028. 

With a growing ecosystem, the healthtech market is increasing in competition, and startups within this space are being challenged to be some of the most innovative in order to glean an edge. 

Connect: HealthTech is aimed at bringing together these innovative startups, from companies that have created solutions for personal wellbeing all the way to those who are helping hospitals and care centers implement the technology they need to integrate digital capacities for better care. 

Some of the media judges for this competition are: 

This event will generate discussion on how achievable benchmarks toward a future of more inclusive healthcare can be generated. For those that have questions, please reach out to [email protected]. If you already know you want to listen in, you can follow the Zoom meeting link

Disclosure: This article mentions a client of an Espacio portfolio company.


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