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Thanks to AI, seeing is no longer believing. This technology has given birth to deepfakes, false videos that seem really, which can be produced by anyone using a simple app or website.

This week, we will be looking at the increasing prevalence of deepfake technology and how it stands to play havoc in the media and our personal lives.

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This rise is worrying for a number of reasons but above all, it is the simplicity of how they can be created that is potential the most alarming factor. In the words of this week’s expert guest “It is putting an incredibly sophisticated tool into the hands of the unsophisticated and they can disseminate and leverage that in any way they see fit.

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My guest this week is  Adam Dodge — a deepfakes expert who has given training to hundreds of people in government, law enforcement, PR, non-profit, healthcare and more. His work has been covered in major publications such as The Washington Post and Mashable.

And for our Neuron to Something feature, where we look at scientific research in the field of psychology and technology, we have some hilarious case studies cited in a research paper discussing PornHub traffic during events such as the Hawaiian false missile alert or the 2018 Super Bowl. So stay tuned if you want a laugh. 

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