Hive boosts team efficiency, productivity with AI-powered workflow platform

October 26, 2016


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Working to solve team efficiency while utilizing cutting edge Artificial Intelligence technology, Hive launches its AI-powered productivity platform.

As more businesses juggle with numerous solutions to increase team efficiency, platforms like Hive, which place a focus back on usability without ignoring the power of other widely used tools, will be at the forefront of a collaborative solutions industry set to be worth over $70 billion by 2019.

Hive makes it easy for colleagues to prioritize projects, send messages and share files, streamlining team collaboration tasks through one powerful dashboard.

What makes the platform unique is its use of AI to turn team conversations into completed actions. Hive uses natural language processing to read user commands and actions. The technology searches its fast-growing database of processes to respond with “automated task suggestions.” For example, if a user types “write blog post,” Hive will suggest a 10-step process to guide a junior marketer.

While automation does take place, it is in the form of suggestion, so the AI can learn, adapt, and improve, depending upon which suggestions are implemented.

However, the platform automatically adds pre-approved tasks, which makes completing processes – such as new hire onboarding – easy and frictionless. Hive automatically spots when a user is undertaking a task that it recognizes and offers to run the process for them. It also allows users to create their own personalized processes, triggered in the same way.

Adding to its repertoire of team efficiency solutions is integration. Hive has full integration with over 100 other tools including Salesforce, DropBox, WordPress, and Google Apps, just to name a few.

More integration across platforms, coupled with the latest AI, allows users to continue using tools they are familiar with while never losing track of their tasks through a single transparent and simple interface.

“In collaboration, simplicity is everything, so we’ve created a single tool that gives teams the three core features they need for their daily workflows: messaging, actions, and file sharing,” says Hive co-founder and CEO John Furneaux. “Our powerful AI features mean everyone on the team can excel, helping an intern complete a task with the competence of an expert.”

By taking advantage of integrating multiple platforms, Hive is on track to become the next exponential organization with massive potential for growth.

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Building an exponential company means optimizing functionality across divisions. A good example of why exponential companies are so successful is provided by CNBC, and it has to do with the nature of how platforms leverage user interaction to propel their growth.

“Think of the example of Facebook—over a billion users make the effort to upload all their personal information, while advertisers spend effort and money to search and reach these users. Facebook employees themselves don’t do this work, which is the key. That allows the company to grow by exponential factors without the employees putting in all that labor.”

Hive offers a free version with unlimited messages and actions for up to ten users while the “Professional Version” at $8 per user per month adds unlimited integrations with up to 100 users. An additional Enterprise solution is also available. For non-profit teams, all Hive plans are offered at half price.


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