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A Media, Sports & Fashion Open-Learning Platform for Perennial Millennials

A Media, Sports & Fashion Open-Learning Platform for Perennial Millennials

For some odd reason my colleague is looking up the word “perennial,” and as I lean over to glance at his screen, the definition referring to plants is spot-on in describing millennials entering the work force.

While my colleague is away from his desk, I’ll read the definition of perennial as it appears now before his screensaver kicks on: “lasting or existing for a long or apparently infinite time; enduring or continually recurring.”

Is a long-lasting and enduring career not what parents want for their children? Is not an enduring or continually recurring source of satisfaction, happiness, and income what millennials want in life?

To be a perennial millennial doesn’t mean having to stick with the same company for 30 years, but rather having the knowledge, skills, and imagination to pursue a meaningful career that combines passion with practicality.

It is with this global focus that Qubed, an open access learning platform, is on a mission to make sure that would-be students get on the right track in finding the career paths that align to their passions without needlessly adding student debt while determining their next career step.

Following your passion for a career has become almost a taboo statement since the end of the 90s, as children of baby-boomers quickly realized that their last-place medals or philosophy degrees weren’t going to earn them a decent wage in life.

The latest buzz nowadays is to not follow your passion, but to take up a career that either changes peoples’ lives as an article on Quartz suggests, or learn to love what you are already doing as this Fast Company article advises.

However, in all of the above examples passion doesn’t have to be excluded. One can find passion in helping others, and likewise, one’s personal passions can spill over into professional work, like writing for a tech blog. Seriously, apart from my passion of writing, I also write about my passions. It’s a great gig!

In the case of Qubed this revolutionary career discovery platform helps students discover and pursue industries and career paths that align to their passions, including those in high school, college and early career professionals to use online certificate programs as stepping stones to reach their career aspirations and goals.

Just as perennial flower buds return each year — stronger and more vibrant than ever before — perennial millennials can use open-learning programs to refine and strengthen their own skills, networks, and passions, so they can be prepared to weather whatever career storms that come their way.

Qubed’s platform creates accessible and open-access learning experiences that help tomorrow’s leaders discover and pursue career paths in growing, global industries that align to their passions, including fashion, sports, music, and media.

Millennials are on track to average four job changes in the first 10 years after graduating college. Traditional careers are quickly being replaced by advancements in technology such as digital transformation and automation.

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A steady 9-5 job at the local factory is no longer considered a viable option for today’s job seekers and hasn’t been for quite some time.

Working in partnership with the world’s leading schools and brands such as Columbia University, Nike, and Teen Vogue amongst others, Qubed creates accessible learning experiences for students to discover career paths in growing global industries.

perennial millennials

Rob Kingyens, President and CEO at Qubed

President and CEO Rob Kingyens brings 20 years of experience to the program, and before that he served in various executive level roles in online learning, education technologies, and data-driven management to drive measurable learning and business outcomes.

Those who take advantage of programs like Qubed, are able to not only further apply their already-existing passions to work in exciting industries, but also discover new passions on their journeys of discovery and learning.

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