WeRoomies Launches Free Online Platform, Helping Americans Save Money On Rent By Connecting Them With Like-Minded Roommates

May 16, 2018


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WeRoomies, a company revolutionizing the apartment sharing market, today announces the launch of its free online platform. In the age of rising rent costs, the platform helps individuals looking to save money connect with like-minded roomies.

WeRoomies’ new, free platform will act as a centralised hub for individuals looking for rooms, as well as tenants and landlords searching for people to fill them. Its affordable and reliable service will streamline the intensive process of house-hunting or searching for a tenant, and work to match individuals with those they’d get along with best.

The WeRoomies platform lets users create a profile to describe who they are, and who their preferred roomies are. Details about education, work history, general lifestyle questions and a photo can be added to boost profiles and help other users looking for roommates gain a better understanding of who one is. Information on location, budget, move in date and duration is also visible on each profile. Options to link profiles to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn accounts are provided, too.

Landlords and individuals looking for roommates can create similar profiles to advertise their available space, and state who they are looking for based on gender, age, and language. Each room profile also features information on location, price, other tenants, as well as photos of the living space.

Once profiles have been created, users can connect with potential roommates on the platform by messaging, calling or video chat before meeting in person. Once users have found their perfect match, WeRoomies provides an easy option to share their experience and review their new roomie, friend or tenant. Other features include forming or joining a group to discuss city life, moving and more. Users also have the option to form or join a live event to meet future roomies, friends or to build their professional network.

The rental market in the U.S. has spiked considerably in recent years, leaving many people with no other option than to apartment share. A JCHS Harvard Study examined America’s housing rent from 2011-2016 and found that the nationwide average for rent was $1,480 a month. Since the study estimates that 30% of income should usually be spent on rent, one would have to make $59,000 a year to afford an average apartment. Lower-income, millennials and students are therefore particularly hard-pressed to find apartments they can afford. WeRoomies, however, aims to cut the cost of living by matching individuals up with roomies they like.

“WeRoomies understands the importance in finding the right person to share your home with. Through our rating and review services, detailed profiles and connecting roomies through chats and video calls, the platform ensures Americans will find a compatible and reliable roommate,” said Steven Yos, founder of WeRoomies.

WeRoomies is completely free to use. Unlike other house-hunting services, the platform does not require any payment to use additional features, such as getting in touch with tenants, or requesting a viewing.


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