Why is Google building driverless cars? #robots


Sebastian Thrun is an expert on AI, Artificial Intelligence, and he is on a personal mission. As director of the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Lab he was responsible for building Google’s driverless cars. His mission? To save a million people a year from dying on the road.

When Thrun was 18 his best friend, Harold, was killed in a car crash, and since then Thrun’s work on robotic has been leading to the creation of a super-intelligent, self-driving, robotic cars. Thrun says this is important because, “Most automotive deaths are due to human error, not machine error. A driverless car can save lives.”

According to Thrun, robotic cars could save up over 4billion gallons of gas, and a similar number of human hours. His mission might be personal but his work could save millions.


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