US entrepreneurs would give up sex to start a successful business

U.S. Entrepreneurs Would Give Up Sex To Start A Successful Business

Some things in life are difficult to give up. Think about having to give up texting, or sugary treats. Wouldn’t it be dreadful? Okay, now what about giving up sex?

Turns out, many Americans would, if it meant starting a successful business. According to a study by Squarespace, 52 percent of Americans would sacrifice sex for a month to do so.

Even more, 55 percent of those surveyed would give up alcohol, and 36 percent say they’d jump out of a plane to make their great ideas come to life (with a parachute, presumably). Now that’s dedication.

However, even so, Americans are not sustaining for the sake of business just yet. The study found that while 52 percent of Americans are interested in starting their own business, many of them are simply afraid to do so – in fact, 61 percent worry they’d crash and burn financially. Just over half worry about failure, 50 percent see no customers, and 36 percent don’t feel their ideas are good enough. Chin up, would-be entrepreneurs.

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