How to retain more information, improve recall & learn a new language (podcast)


We now have access to more information at our fingertips than ever before. YouTube videos, podcasts, audiobooks — all of these forms of media have allowed us to consume information faster than ever, but we still face the challenge of retaining this information.

In this episode, we will break down scientifically proven methods to retain more information and improve recall. To do this we are joined by two memory specialists.

The first is Scott Crabtree, the Chief Happiness Officer at Happy Brain Science, a company that strives to improve happiness for professionals and organizations using neuroscience.

In addition to Crabtree, we are also joined by Marissa Blaszko, a polyglot that speaks 6 languages and the founder of the website Relearn a Language.

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Crabtree specializes in the science of learning, memory, and happiness. He shares with us the reason why we forget what we are looking for when passing from one room to another, why emotions are important to recall information, and how chocolate can help with memory.

From our discussion with Blaszko, you will learn the two secret weapons of polyglots, some of the most out-of-date myths about language learning that annoy her the most, and how you can create your own memory palace to store information. 

Moreover, Blaszko also explains what are Memory Championships and how listeners can apply the techniques of champions in their own lives.

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