The most dangerous countries on the internet: Brazil (Brains Byte Back Podcast)


Welcome to our mini-series on the most dangerous countries on the internet as we kick off this week’s Brains Byte Back podcast on cyber criminal operations in Brazil.

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Today we will be looking at the dangers of Brazil and my guest to discuss this topic is Evgen Verzun, a cybersecurity expert, inventor, serial entrepreneur and founder of HyperSphere.ai, a global decentralized cybersecure real-time network for e-services and e-commerce platforms. 

Evgen will be speaking about Brazil and its cyber criminal underground landscape discussing the malicious practices and techniques used by Brazilian cyber criminals.

And for our Neuron to something piece, we will be looking at data that suggests that TV exposure drives both men and women towards finding thinner female bodies more attractive.

Brace for impact! From surviving a plane crash to starting-up in Colombia: Brains Byte Back podcast

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