Shussh, don’t tell Buzz but Gmails joined Twitter

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In what amounts to a slap in the face to Buzz Google’s webmail crevice, Gmail, joined Twitter on Monday.

In a blog post announcing the launch of the new account Gmail team member Jason Toff made no mention Google’s own microblogging application. Writing on the Gmail blog Toff said,

“We launch new features in Gmail almost every week, and people learn about these features from different sources — friends and family, the news, this blog, or our what’s new page. But heavy Twitter users like me often have to rely on @google and other users for updates related to Gmail.”

In its 24 hours in operation @gmail already has 32,500 followers from only 11 tweets. The current @gmail twitter-stream features general gmail user advice.

While this does not amount to admission of Buzz’s lack of use it does hint at Buzz’s limited audience.

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