The Sociable’s most clicked, read and shared stories of 2010

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The SociableWeather, politics, Ireland’s economic problems and a good bit of humour were the stories that you have been reading on The Sociable this year. In our first annual list of Sociable top tens we count down the most read, clicked and shared during 2010.

The Sociable’s top five categories.
Perhaps it was that you needed a laugh, or just the thought of Postman Pat cursing like a trooper but our meme category was the most read in 2010. You also liked your gadgets this year with our Technology and Mobile categories doing well.

  1. Meme
  2. Technology
  3. Mobile
  4. Social Media
  5. Business

The Sociable’s most tags by article
Ireland’s big freeze at the start of December dominates our most read tags by articles list. You especially loved NASA’s satellite imagery of Ireland blanketed in snow (in at positions 1,3,4,6,7 and 8). Ireland’s economic crises make an appearance on the list at number five and ten, with politics and bankers respectively.

  1. ireland
  2. video
  3. snow
  4. bigfreeze
  5. politics
  6. nasa
  7. satellite imagery
  8. aqua satellite
  9. google
  10. bankers

The Sociable’s top 20 tag searches
Apart from our most read list of most read tags by article we can also show you our most click tags for 2010. This year you were particularly interested in Copan, the augmented reality game set in Dublin, you also liked videos of cursing Irishmen.

  1. copan-bar
  2. postman-patrick
  3. denis-ryan
  4. jason-calibri
  5. rathmines
  6. copan
  7. cr-48-chrome-notebook
  8. nasa
  9. debt
  10. eircom-musichub

Our top ten shared articles during 2010
This year you mostly shared our videos and NASA’s images of Ireland, but you also shared penguins, Facebook redesigns and stories about the demise of the newspaper industry.

  1. An Irishman abroad tells it like it is!
  2. Amazing NASA photo of Ireland covered in snow
  3. Postman Patrick – Hilarious Postman Pat spoof
  4. New look Facebook arriving tomorrow
  5. Give ’em cheese
  6. NASA issues new image of Ireland covered in snow as the #bigfreeze continues
  7. Copan an augmented reality treasure hunt across Dublin
  8. Newspapers to become ‘insignificant’ in Ireland by 2027
  9. Twitter founder Jack Dorsey talks entrepreneurship and Ireland
  10. Dublin’s snow covered penguins become big web-hit in the #bigfreeze

The Top 10 Articles during 2010
And now for the big one, The top 10 most read articles during 2010.  NASA dominates the list with its amazing images of Ireland while the Copan, the smartphone game, makes two appearances on the list.  You especially loved our videos of cursing Irishmen

  1. Amazing NASA photo of Ireland covered in snow
  2. An Irishman abroad tells it like it is!
  3. Postman Patrick – Hilarious Postman Pat spoof
  4. Sony VAT back offers available in Ireland
  5. Xbox Kinect now on sale in Ireland but already sold out
  6. IPv6, Ireland, and the future of the internet
  7. Copan – an augmented reality treasure hunt across Dublin
  8. IMF shows sense of humour on Twitter as Dublin accepts massive bailout
  9. New look Facebook arriving tomorrow
  10. Augmented reality game, Copán, launching in Dublin, but what is it?

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