Watch the live reaction to Ireland’s austerity #budget11

Bundle of €50 notes

Bundle of €50 notesToday, December 7th, 2010, Ireland’s government will set out the toughest budget the country has seen in thirty years. Over €6 billion will be cut from the country’s budget by the Fianna Fáil and Green coalition government. As the country has already seen violent protests by students, passionate debate in the media, collapse of the coalition and an €85 billion bailout of the state, Irish web users are expected to react strongly to the government’s proposals. We are putting together a list of websites and links where you can watch the live budget announcement. If you have any suggestions, let us know on twitter @thesociable.

Web TV

Social Media

This page will automatically update with the latest reports and reaction from Irish social media users to the budget lead-up. On December 7th you will see here the live reaction from Irish web users as the cuts are announced.

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