Netflix and new Apple TV play well together

Netflix on Apple TV

Netflix on Apple TV

The Netflix experience on Apple TV just got simpler. With yesterday’s Apple TV 3 announcement, would-be Netflix users can now sign-up for the service directly on their Apple TV device and pay via their iTunes account.

This new integrated payment experience also extends to second-generation Apple TV devices – provided they perform a little software update first.

The new Apple TV set-top box also (finally) supports 1080p output so Netflix users, among others, can stream in full high definition with Dolby Digital 5.1 audio.

Other Apple TV improvements include an updated iOS-like interface and iCloud integration.

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While you couldn't signup on a 2nd gen Apple TV I've been using mine to watch Netflix for the last couple of months.

Being able to pay via iTunes would be nice - and simpler :)

darrenmccarra moderator

 @mneylon There should be an update available now so new Netflix users can signup direct on their second-generation Apple TV. I'd love to get one...if my broadband would allow.

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