Facebook to reach one billion users next month

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Facebook will reach one billion users next month according to official figures published by the social network and a growth trajectory based on these.

In April, Facebook posted pre-IPO numbers of 901 million monthly active users. Facebook define a monthly active user as someone who has logged onto the service in the last 30 days. At present, it is estimated that Facebook has in excess of 950 million monthly active users.

In January we reported that, based on analysis from iCrossing, Facebook would reach one billion users by August. Since then their extrapolation of Facebook’s growth rate has proved very accurate, leaving us to assume that Facebook’s active user base will indeed reach the one billion milestone by that date.

Of Facebook’s current user base, 80% of these live outside of North America. Growth has stagnated in early adopting countries like the United Kingdom and the United States, but has accelerated in developing countries like Brazil and India.

From official Facebook figures concerning March 2012, we also know that Facebook has 526 million daily active users, and more than half of Facebook’s monthly active users come from mobile.

Each day Facebook users upload more than 300 million photos and generate an average of 3.2 billion Likes and comments.

In other news of or relating to one billion, China has over one billion mobile subscribers, one billion hours of content was streamed on Netflix last month, and we’ll probably have around one billion smartphone users worldwide by 2016.

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34 Responses to Facebook to reach one billion users next month

  1. openpostcode says:

    @darrenmccarra Of course that includes my dog’s account.

  2. darrenmccarra says:

    @psycrow 1/7th of the world’s population is a bit crazy alright!

  3. JD_Dillon says:

    @Ginaschreck maybe they’ll celebrate with a useable iPhone app! :-) soooooooooon …

  4. pixelparable says:

    @Ginaschreck are they giving all those kids in Africa $10 laptops just so they can get a Facebook account ?

    • Ginaschreck says:

      . @pixelparable probably. My daughter just came back from Africa where she was surprised to learn many of the kids had Facebook acts.

      • pixelparable says:

        @Ginaschreck what a crazy world

      • pixelparable says:

        @Ginaschreck I am a little confused..were the disciples suppose to spread the good new about Jesus or was it about facebook ? hmmm ? lol

        • Ginaschreck says:

          @pixelparable Or was it supposed to be abt Jesus on FB! Heehee–Imagine if FB was avail then! “Lazarus is alive again” 13 LIKES 4 SHARES

        • pixelparable says:

          @Ginaschreck Jesusbook if u have a photo of Jesus post it if u have a prob share it here did u see Jesus perform a miracle share it ahh :)

        • Ginaschreck says:

          @pixelparable Ha! Quick ..secure that domain.

        • pixelparable says:

          @Ginaschreck i know :)

  5. gmariggio says:

    @pelo80 faremo la fine delle locuste

  6. thekax says:

    @beantin one billion users cannot be wrong?

  7. Facebook’s numbers are, as always, quite impressive. It’ll be interesting to see where they go with all of this momentum. 

    • AdamBritten says:

       @annedreshfield Or interesting to see how fast it all crashes down (which it will eventually, right?) I remember when everyone was so impressed with how quickly MySpace was growing (and how “massive” it was becoming) and look where it is now.

  8. tomwsi says:

    @jasonpromotesu @http_web Thanks for the recent RT’s much appreciated.

  9. MillsWife says:

    @VieT_Ly ; oui mais il y a des comptes fakes, et des gens qui ont en pleins.

  10. ggheorghiu says:

    @davepeck do they also count the dead or those who created an account but never used it?

  11. jeremymeyers says:

    @quietrevolution users or accounts

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