Talos Digital CEO Amyn Gillani joins The Sociable’s Advisory Board

January 28, 2019


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The Sociable is pleased to announce that Amyn Gillani, CEO at Talos Digital and Mentor at the Founder Institute, is joining our Advisory Board for the coming year.

Over the past three years, The Sociable has grown from a publication solely focused on “tech from an Irish perspective” to being a global news publication delivering in-depth reporting on startups, governments, and worldwide technological trends that have a direct impact on citizens of the world.

“With the continuous advancement of technology, it’s important to recognize not only how technology changes, but also how the world can adapt to this”

As the head of Talos Digital, a world class UX/UI and product development company, Gillani has over 20 years of extensive experience in IT technologies, including databases, web development and mobile application development.

Recently named a Mentor at the Founder Institute, Gillani has guided IT teams to build scalable hardware architectures, cloud based solutions, high transaction web sites and cross platform mobile projects.

Gillani’s background makes him a thought leader in his space, which will prove invaluable for readers of The Sociable as we continue to produce fresh, original content that digs deeper than the daily headlines on emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and the blockchain.

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Amyn Gillani

“On behalf of Talos Digital I’m really happy to be joining the board of The Sociable as an advisory member,” said the Talos Digital CEO.

“With the continuous advancement of technology, it’s important to recognize not only how technology changes, but also how the world can adapt to this. Blockchain, AI, and more will increasingly be important in the upcoming years. I am looking forward to lending my background to The Sociable to help drive the publication and coverage of these important issues,” he added.

Before joining Talos Digital, Gillani was responsible for founding several startups that delivered high quality products in ERP, Web, Mobile and IOT.

It is with this type of experience that we look forward to bringing our readers even more insight into the underpinnings of the tech world, building upon the amazing contributions of Microsoft Technical Communications Director Dan Behrendt, who just completed a one-year advisory role and introduced such concepts as Open Hacks — working alongside customers directly — and who now produces Microsoft’s Decoded Show.

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Talos Digital is a team of professional software developers. Founded in 2011, Talos partners with agencies and other businesses to provide consulting and development on their software products.

The company consistently approaches its work with these principles:

  1. A commitment to our clients and achieving their business goals.
  2. A focus on code quality and building solid software.
  3. Maintaining clear communication during the development process.

With teams located in New York, New York; Austin, Texas; Montreal, Canada; and Medellín, Colombia, Talos Digital’s specialties include Software Development, Mobile + Web Design, Mobile Applications, UX + UI Design, hybris Certified Developers, Frontend Developement, Magento e-commerce and Agile Methodology.

Disclosure: This article includes a client of an ESPACIO portfolio company


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