‘Tech should serve all of humanity’: Talov at Seedstars Summit

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Talov Co-Founder and President Hugo Jácome talks with The Sociable at the Seedstars Summit in Lausanne, Switzerland, where he lays out Talov’s all inclusive vision of technology that should serve all of humanity.

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Since its creation, Talov has been committed to the cause of making technology more accessible to the differently abled.

The Ecuadorian startup’s mission is to create all-inclusive technologies that serve the entire humanity and break down the barriers in order to integrate the differently abled into a better world.

“I think technology should be inclusive and serve all of humanity because the main principle of life is to give,” said Jácome.

“And in order to that one good way is to make something positive for others so that’s why at Talov we develop technologies to help people with any impairment — specifically visual and hearing impairment — to help them to communicate better and to better move around in their environments.”

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