In-Q-Tel partners with to identify unexpected patterns in govt data sets

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US intelligence community funding arm In-Q-Tel (IQT) announces a strategic partnership with Outlier to identify unexpected patterns in government agency data sets.

As the name implies, Outlier detects outliers in data sets that make up a pattern that no human could possibly identify. Outlier discovers the unexpected among a myriad of data, and this has caught the attention of the US intelligence and defense communities.

As the US government continues to move forward with its approach to modernize obsolete infrastructures among its agencies, this is the third strategic partnership made by IQT in less than a week.

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Outlier’s artificial intelligence platform will now be used to support the operational requirements of US government agencies for analysis of cloud-based and on-premise data sets.

Divya Sudhakar
Divya Sudhakar

“Outlier’s platform takes a differentiated approach to leveraging artificial intelligence to surface unexpected patterns and changes in time-series data, which can enable agencies to make informed decisions more quickly,” said IQT Principal of Investments Divya Sudhakar, in a statement.

“Outlier has proven a unique ability to provide high fidelity insights without requiring users to commit significant time and resources to analyze their data,” she added.

As an Automated Business Analysis platform, Outlier discovers hidden patterns and relationships that are impossible to find manually with artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms.

Sean Byrnes
Sean Byrnes

“Being chosen by IQT is a major milestone for Outlier and confirms the effectiveness of our Automated Business Analysis platform,” said Outlier Co-Founder and CEO Sean Byrnes, in a statement.

“We expect this partnership and other government partnerships to address the need to analyze billions of data points daily and present stories that will help enhance national security,” he added.

Byrnes is also an official member of the Forbes Technology Council, and prior to co-founding Outlier, he was on the Board of Directors at MutualMind — a social media analytics and intelligence company that was acquired in 2016.

Outlier identifies unexpected changes across business data so that marketing, data scientists and analysts can make more informed decisions quickly.

IQT is the not-for-profit strategic investor that identifies and accelerates the delivery of innovative technology solutions to support the mission of the US intelligence and defense agencies.


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