Should We Have This Meeting? Wrike Project Management Tools Infographic

April 16, 2018


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Do we really need to have this meeting? In recent years the idea that corporate meetings are a huge waste of time has gained notoriety across the web.

Just about every major news publication has written on the subject, and the narrative is usually the same: meetings are expensive, many meetings aren’t relevant to everyone in attendance, and meetings are a soul-sucking waste of time, to name just a few.

However, the people over at Wrike have put together an infographic that assures that none of the above issues, and more, will ever be a problem.

The infographic, “Should We Have A Meeting?” details all the questions you should ask first before deciding to hold a meeting, so that no time, money, or energy is wasted.

This Infographic was brought to you by Wrike online brainstorming collaboration tools.

Should We Have This Meeting? - by Wrike project management tools


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