Northern Ireland starts transmitting Freeview – some overspill in the Republic

Freeview Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland’s TV transmitters officially start broadcasting Freeview, the UK’s free digital terrestrial TV service today, providing viewers in Ulster and some parts of the Republic with access to more digital TV stations.

Northern Ireland is one of the last regions in the UK to start broadcasting Freeview and does so two weeks before the analogue service is switched off.  We have tested the service in North County Dublin and found that the basic BBC multiplex is available; which provides, all the BBC channels but none of the commercial (ITV/Channel 4) channels is available.

Some areas won’t be able to receive Freeview until their local transmitter is switched over, which is taking place throughout the day.  Users will also notice that the quality of the channels will be quite low, while some of this depends on your location, the quality should improve once the switch over process is completed on October 24.

You will have to retune your TV or set-top box to receive the new stations.

We have more advice on picking up Freeview and Saorview here.

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