New Assassin’s Creed III weapons trailer and screenshots [Media overload]

March 27, 2012


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After releasing the Assassin’s Creed III debut trailer earlier this month, Ubisoft, the game’s publisher, has released a short weapons trailer and some great screenshots of the game itself – which, as expected, looks amazing.

The new weapons trailers features the game’s protagonist Ratohnhaké:ton, or Connor for short, and introduces some of the weapons we can expect when the game is eventually released for PC, PS3 and Xbox on October 30; this includes dual pistols, bow and arrow, the usual hidden blade and a tomahawk.

Assassin’s Creed III is set during the American Revolution, departing from medieval and renaissance eras of previous titles in the series. Connor Kenway, the main character of British and Native American heritage, will not ally any particular side in the revolution. Instead, alliances will shift as the ongoing battle between the Assassins and Templars continues.

Assassin's Creed III - Boston

Assassin's Creed III - "The Frontier"

Assassin's Creed III - Tomahawk combat

Assassin's Creed III - Iconic run

Assassin's Creed III - Combat with pistol and tomahawk

Assassin's Creed III - Predator

Via PlayStation Lifestyle


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