The strength of the gaming industry in Ireland

Used games on shelf

Used games on shelfHow strong is the gaming industry in Ireland? Very strong according to Donal Cahalane (@donal_cahalane), Irish entrepreneur and start-up advisor at Small Business Rebels.

Cahalane has published a very good article, entitled ‘Gaming – a serious business’, about the state of the gaming industry in Ireland, and indeed globally, and the influential gaming companies that exist in our towns and cities. Companies like Blizzard, Big Fish Games, and Jolt Online have all experienced massive success in recent times.

Cahalane goes on to add that the global games industry is expected to reach $68.3 billion in sales by 2012, as well as another interesting statistic that 40% of the gaming population are female. He believes that Ireland has the right culture and reputation in place to become global leaders in the gaming industry.

The full article can be read over at Small Business Rebels.

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