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Infographic: From sexting to toilet surfing – is this how you use your smartphone?

Infographic: From sexting to toilet surfing – is this how you use your smartphone?

Do you tweet from the toilet? According to this infographic from Telenav some 70% of men and 59% of women admit to using their smartphones when answering the call of nature.

While surfing and gaming are some of the most popular activities for toilet-based smartphone users that’s not all that they do.  Nearly half of users (47%) admitted to sending text messages when on the potty, 34% said they sent emails, and 23 did some social networking (talk about verbal diarrhoea).

Just one in ten users admitted to sexting with their phone. And of these users the 45-54 age group is more likely to sext, followed by users aged between 18 and 34.  Only 8% of 50+ users and 11% of users between 35-44 admit to sexting.

We don’t know how many users sext from the car but we do know that 66% of users make calls while driving and 30% send text messages.  About 11% of users post status updates from behind the wheel.  And even though so many smartphone users pick up their phones in the car almost all users are annoyed when they see other drivers doing the same.

The infographic is based on data from 2,361 online adults aged 18 and older and was conducted in the US by Harris Interactive for Telenav.

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