The Euro Debt Crisis Disco Song #viral


Ireland might need another bailout, Spain’s crisis is getting worse, and Italy looks like its will be the next Eurozone country to fall victim to the economic calamity (Oh, and could bring Ireland, Greece, Spain and Portugal with it).

If this all sounds a bit confusing and, tbh, boring have a look at this viral from The Guardian which explains the debt crisis to a funky ’70s inspired disco tune.

As the Guardian says, “With each passing day the Euro crisis deepens, spreading to more countries with ever more dramatic consequences. But are you still struggling to understand how we got here? To help you out, we present The Euro Crisis Song – created by the Guardian and Studio 20 NYU.”

The video was created by NYU’s STUDIO 20 (Facebook), which works to promote new techniques in online and digital journalism.

Meanwhile, The Guardian is looking for its readers to provide their own debt crisis songs by emailing links to [email protected]

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