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This retro accessory can help protect you from smartphone radiation

This retro accessory can help protect you from smartphone radiation

They say that if you wait long enough that which was once unfashionable will become fashionable again (we’re looking at you, hipsters).  This isn’t just true for the fashion industry; it seems that it’s also true for the smartphone industry.

“It started as a lark; something we brought to conferences and events as a conversation starter. We found that it became wildly popular and people started asking us when they could get their own,” says Gil Friedlander.

Gil is the Co-Founder and CEO of Israeli start-up tawkon. We’ve covered tawkon before; it’s the Android app that tracks cell phone radiation being emitted from your smartphone and then helps you to find ways to reduce your exposure.

What Gil is talking about is a neon blue handset, similar to ones that your parents probably have in their houses; except tawkon’s handset plugs into the audio port of your smartphone (and looks a million times better than your average bluetooth headset).

tawkon blue handset

tawkon blue handset

According to tawkon’s research- which is made up of over 100,000,000 phone calls, nearly 80% of the calls we make on our smartphones are made indoors and that’s where the handset comes in;

“Now that phone calls from the home and offices are being made almost exclusively using mobile phones, there is a need for a comfortable and mobile radiation safe solution for people who use smartphones indoors.”

The release of the handset comes as the company released the latest version of its app, which now makes it easier to share radiation reports it generates.

The retro handsets are available as an in app purchase, with a 20% discount, and through the tawkon website.

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