What’s the Craic Barack?

April 9, 2011


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While U.S. President Barack Obama’s security team was in Moneygall, Co Offaly, last week they were too early to pick up one of these “What’s the craic Barack from www.whatsthecraicbarack.com” t-shirts.

What's the craic Barack?

What's the craic Barack? via whatsthecraicbarack.com

For those who don’t have any Irish slang, craic is Irish for fun. “What’s the craic” is a casual greeting in Ireland meaning “what’s up.”

President Obama, who has Irish roots, is set to make his first state visit Ireland on May 23 this year. The President will visit the capital, Dublin, and Moneygall, Co Offaly, from where Falmouth Kearney, the President’s great great great grandfather came from. In 1850 Falmouth left for New York aged 19 on the S.S. Marmion.

We don’t yet know what the President will be wearing while in the country.
Find them on Facebook and Twitter @craicbarack.


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