Controversial music streaming app Grooveshark returns to Google Play


Controversial music streaming service Grooveshark is available as an Android app once more as it returns to Google Play. The app was removed from the Android Market in April 2011 following complaints from the music industry.

Grooveshark allows its users to stream personalised internet radio for free, or avail of its two premium subscription options removing advertisements and mobile device restrictions. Contentiously, users can also upload their own music tracks to the service.

Grooveshark has attributed its reinstatement on Google Play as a direct result of “working closely with Google to get rogue apps removed”.

Its iOS counterpart was famously removed from the App Store just days after being released in August 2010. Since then, Grooveshark has encouraged users to download its app on a jailbroken iOS device, or alternatively use its platform-independent HTML5 app.

Grooveshark has many more battles ahead, however. It’s currently being sued by three our of the four major record labels. Nevertheless, Grooveshark looks forward to “continuing to build a relationship with Android and leverage this fantastic platform for our partners”.

The music streaming service is already available on BlackBerry, Palm/HP phones and Symbian devices.

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