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Connecting passion with promotion for mobile app marketing strategies

Connecting passion with promotion for mobile app marketing strategies

Mobile apps need marketing to a great extent for their success. In spite of the competition, one has to devise strategies to reach the intended audience of the apps.

Mobile platforms including the web and app ecosystem offer the business advantage for discoverability, engagement, and even for boosting growth. But one needs a good mobile strategy for driving a better reach of the mobile apps. Here are some social media marketing tactics that will be helpful for promoting mobile apps.

  1.    Use lists wherever possible

Visual content is devouring and creating them is tough and time-consuming. Try to find information on a list since most of the content is broken up into palatable pieces of information. Also, they are easy to comprehend. Adding bullet points to sentences can help users to scan information.

  1.    Market on social channels with emotion

Connecting passion with promotions is necessary. Users should feel awe, surprise, elation or amusement when they see the app trailers. Positive emotions are the most sought after. The content of the app should make the users watch it and share it. Emotional triggers are crucial in marketing an app.

  1.    Know the right audience of the app

Every mobile app has an audience and hence content falls flat if it does not relate to the public. The content of the app should be marketed based on the persona of the intended audience. The image of their ideal self should be projected in this case so that the app shares and downloads skyrocket to new heights.

  1.    Be Useful

Useful content and useful apps are easily shareable and incredibly viral in nature. The app content should be helpful to people, who need to find it easy-to-follow information for eliciting maximum shares.

Also, social media marketing works greater if some time is invest in researching and studying the market of the app so that you can create differentiators and even take a stance on the same.

Mobile app marketing though works beyond social media marketing itself. It is the app marketing in the purest form, at the fundamental level of the app to entice users. Here are some tricks and tips that you can use.

  • User experience is the most important element for attracting customers and gain popularity. A customer-centric design will always be successful. Here are some tips to consider.
  • Make your mobile app with easy navigation and with appropriate CTA buttons.
  • Use minimalistic design instead of visual clutter using negative space around content and buttons.
  • A visual design with the right colors affects psychology and an appropriate typeface can enhance the look and feel of the website as well as the app.
  • One should give priority to quick loading speed before all other elements since the slow apps slowly lose SEO credentials and even ranking.
  • Visually stunning design attracts people of all types. Take time out to design compatible apps.
  • Advertise through social sites as mentioned earlier through Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook about the app’s usability and uniqueness.
  • Geotargeting can be useful in boosting the conversion rates too.  
  • SMS marketing is still effective in promoting apps and tech sites since they enter a personal device directly while addressing important customers more personally. Opt for natural subscription rates for sending bulk SMS to your clients and the investment will be worth it.
  • Do not use account sign-up for all customers and let the procedure be optional with a quick “Guest” option.
  • Social media signups make the entire effort easier where applicable.
  • Do not add a long list of fields to fill in for the user. They might get bored and just skip the information.
  • Offer multiple payment options for the ease of customers and in-app purchases that make sense.

It is important to increase mobile presence for any business for helping out their customers who are keen to use the app on their mobile The above tips will help each of the app developers to devise simple and conversion friendly interface that can add profits quickly.

Respondents nowadays prefer smartphones for reading their personal emails while there have been equally enough people who are keen on getting their emails directly to their phone. Hence, one should devise such campaigns that are mobile-friendly and need to have the information in a crisp manner. The email body should be clickable and actionable. The content should be clutter-free and perfect for quick readability.

Since the mobile conversion rate is now double than its desktop counterparts, responsive sites promoting apps can work too. Naturally, businesses have to workout the conversion issues them and keeps the entire checkout process simple and effortless on all platforms.

Juned Ghanchi started IndianAppDevelopers, and is CMO of the mobile application development company since 2014. He has a degree in digital marketing and almost five years of experience in business brand management and leads generation through latest technology trends.


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