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So that’s why the sky is dark at night

So that’s why the sky is dark at night

Ever wonder why the night sky is dark even though it is filled with countless stars just about as bright as the sun?

As the universe continues its ever-expansion, the doppler affect causes stars moving away from us to become redder, eventually infrared, and not visible to the human eye. And because our universe had a beginning, about 13.7 billion years ago, and light from the most distant stars has not had time to reach us, they’re aren’t enough stars to “fill up the brightest” in every direction.

But don’t take the word of a mere enthusiast, this video explains it much better.

Last week, NASA released a “new, improved portrait of mankind’s deepest-ever view of the universe” by combing 10 years of Hubble Space Telescope imagery taken of a small area of space in the constellation Fornax containing about 5,500 galaxies. Meanwhile, I was stoked just to faintly capture the Andromeda Galaxy earlier this year.

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