9 resources for best ROI via social media marketing

June 2, 2016


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For businesses to increase ROI, social media marketing strategies have to be put in action to ensure that the product or service is visible to a larger constituent group of individuals.

You need to use metatags, keywords, anchor texts and also gauge the performance of the marketing techniques in terms of backlinking sites and inbound links.

These are very important tools for your website to sell. However, most people still fail to visit your page, thus the need for social media marketing. This is a sales influencing strategy because of the huge number of individuals on social media.

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Social media marketing and online marketing complement each other. This also means that SEO is an important aspect of marketing through your social media platforms. Some of the best social media SEO strategies include:

1) Publishing quality content

Everything else in you marketing strategy is gravy but the content is the king. This means that the content you display online should be of the highest possible quality.  Search engines, for example Google, put emphasis on the quality of the content rather than the quantity. This translates to a higher ranking on search engines. Overly fresh and original content is preferred over fluff and linking sites to the website.

Well optimized social pages result in high access to your websites thus higher ROI. This, however, doesn’t mean using complex terms, no. You should use simple content that is easily understandable by all people across your target locality and even internationally.

2) Accurate local SEO

This implies that your content and ads on social media have the exact details of your location. The company’s name, address and phone details are crucial. They should be definitive, non-duplicated and correctly spelt.

Local listings, addresses and a map to give directions and location will also increase your visibility and ranking on search engines. This improves your business reviews as well.

3) Visual quality of images and profiles

Most customers will tell you that the first thing that pulled them to your website is the quality of the images and/or the appearance of your profile.   This makes the images advertently SEO magnets.

The images must grab attention with designs that match the information you wish to share. A mismatch will lower your pages’ landing site resulting in low ROI. This also brings in the matter of your branding. The images should be unique and easily identified with your product/ service. Therefore, ensure that all your images have your business colors and logo. This builds trust with search engines and potential/ existing clients. The graphical representation must be top-notch. No sloppy graphics as they impact on customers’ trust in your brand. Blurry images or jagged edges should not be used.

You may also include some call to action to fill the gaps between value proposition and other conversion stages.

4) Easy social sharing

Once you publish your content on social media, any SEO company based in Miami or any other place across the world will advise you to have the social media content shareable. The main social media sites for business include LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Twitter or Pinterest. This means that there should be ease of sharing content across these platforms. Social sharing is in a way similar to spreading information by mouth. This means that your information on a new product/ service and location should be very clear and easily passed on to other people in other platforms. Retweets also matter a lot.

You need an optimized share button for the message to pass across many platforms. This helps in creating shareable buttons automatically. All social media platforms offer a share button for size, type of metadata, share counts, connections annotations and appearance.

The buttons vary but the best make it possible for you to understand how URLs are added, page and images renders, installation and addition of hashtags and your username. This is available for most social media platforms.

5) Measurement of performance

Social media performance should be measured. There are a number of metrics that help in measuring the performance of your campaign. These KPIs are important for you to know which strategies to keep and which ones to drop off as well as where to change.

You can use metrics like Google Analytics, web trends, Google Analytics Premium, KISSmetrics, etc., which help in giving a clear picture of the business’s social media marketing campaigns. HootSuite, Facebook Insights, Klout, Social Mention, Twitter Analytics, Buffer and Beatly are also important KPIs.

6) Use of Authorship Metadata

Having the picture of the person searching for an item or item information appear is a key authorship feature. Google+ employs this and it helps in improving your search ranking and is a key branding tool.

Author ranks increase the links to your page as well as a higher traffic resulting in higher ranks. It also builds trust with new and potential clients.

7) Grow your Followers’ Base

Ensure that your page has a high number of active followers. You may be tempted to use bots but this may be flagged off by search engines like Google giving you lower ranks in your locality. Basically, you should have high-quality followers that interact with you at a high level, for example, people who retweet your content, send tweets to you, post on your Facebook wall or the ones who place reviews on your Google+ account.

8) Use of key words

Use of keywords is very important for your website but this doesn’t limit its use to web pages and articles. You should also include keywords in your social media content. Use of the keywords on your Pinterest board and pins will increase traffic to your website through the social media platforms. Your videos on YouTube will be found easily when keywords are incorporated in the titles and descriptions.

9) Include Links to your Social media platforms

The quality of links to your website should be high, unaltered and non-spammy. Google and other search engines like accurate and truthful links. Therefore, your page’s linking sites must be genuine and aimed at increasing traffic to your page.

In conclusion, your social media marketing campaigns must be aimed at increasing the traffic and converting leads into sales. Therefore, the business brand should list high-quality content for people to see and visit the page. Search engines go beyond your website in ranking your business and they mainly target your social media pages. Therefore, ensure that they are easily discoverable and searchable. View-through conversions also matter in ascertaining who clicked on your ad while measuring the impact of the clicks and resultant conversions.

Kendrick Lawson is a Digital Marketer and web developer working with a leading SEO company based in Miami. His vast experience has led him to work with top companies round the globe that have a great social presence. You can learn more about him and social marketing strategies on his blog and his LinkedIn profile.


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