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Facebook updates its photo uploader, and it looks a bit like Google+’s

Facebook's new photo uploader

Facebook today announced that it is rolling out improvements to its photo uploader to its 850 million users.

Looking a lot like Google+’s photo uploader, Facebook says photos will now upload faster than before.  And like Google+, users will not have to wait for all their images to be uploaded before they can see them.

Also like Google+, the Facebook uploader update allows users to begin editing uploaded images as others are still in progress; although to be fair, Facebook allows you to caption images too.  As before, users can review their new albums before they publish.

Facebook's new photo uploader
Facebook's new photo uploader
Google+'s photo uploader
Google+'s photo uploader

Like the Google+ uploader Facebook shows a blue progress bar in place of each image as it uploads on a semi-transparent white background, instead of the single progress bar as shown before.

Facebook current photo uploader
Facebook's current photo uploader

This is the latest in a number of updates Facebook has been making to its photos system.  Back in August the social network doubled the size of uploaded images to 720px/960px and began the fast upload rollout.

It’s also a strong sign of the competition Google’s new social network has brought to the market since it’s launch in June.

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