Web Summit branding envelopes Dublin's RDS arena.

Day two of the Dublin Web Summit [Gallery]

Day two of the Dublin Web Summit has ended with another great line-up of speakers and startup presentations. The Electric Ireland Spark of Genius competition came to a close with SmartThings announced as the overall winner and recipient of a €100,000 cash prize. Here's our image round-up of the second and final day of the Dublin Web Summit.
Dublin Web Summit Series

The 6th Dublin Web Summit in photos

The sixth Dublin Web Summit took place in the RDS, Dublin yesterday and was undoubtedly a great success. As well as live blogging yesterday's proceeding, we also captured some photos before and after the main speaking events.
2011 Irish Blog Awards

2011 Irish Blog Awards [Photos]

The 2011 Irish Blog Awards are now over and we've gotten the chance to finally share some of last night's images on Flickr. They're mainly before and after shots of the event, along with some other images we took around Belfast earlier in the day. Feel free to lift images and share, but please give us the appropriate attribution were possible.
Super moon - unifiedphoto
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Last night’s super moon as captured by Flickr users

Last night’s full moon was the closest it has been to earth for almost twenty years, a mere 356,575 kilometres away. As a result, the moon appeared 14% bigger and 30% brighter than normal, granting photography enthusiasts around the world a rare opportunity to shoot the moon in such inviting circumstances.