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Last night’s super moon as captured by Flickr users

Super moon - unifiedphoto

Last night’s full moon was the closest it has been to earth for almost twenty years, a mere 356,575 kilometres away. As a result, the moon appeared 14% bigger and 30% brighter than normal, granting photography enthusiasts around the world a rare opportunity to shoot the moon in such inviting circumstances.

As usual, Flickr users were quick to upload their images of the super moon, with an estimated 7,000 pictures shared so far. We’ve chosen a few of the best and placed them below, along with a links to the original artists.

Super moon - unifiedphoto
Super moon - Moayad Hassan
Moayad Hassan
Super moon - samecanuckchick
Super moon - Landahlauts
Super moon - red_lion
Super moon - Alix King
Alix King
Super moon - peterjbailey

Credits: unifiedphotoMoayad HassansamecanuckchickLandahlautsred_lionAlix Kingpeterjbailey

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