DES 2018 to hold its 1st forum on AI best practices with global experts in Madrid

May 9, 2018


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What will be the ethical limit in the development of Artificial Intelligence? What is the role of man in the face of automated systems? Can AI save lives?

There are many questions that still arise when developing a strategy of Artificial Intelligence in companies and within society itself.

What technologies are necessary to achieve standardization and better use of the opportunities that Artificial Intelligence opens to businesses? What role does security have in an AI environment?

AI Best Practices at DES Madrid 2018

The AInomics forum, organized by the Digital Enterprise Show (DES) in collaboration with SwissCognitive (one of the world’s largest cognitive technology hubs), will answer these and other questions through the participation of international experts in Artificial Intelligence at DES2018, during its upcoming celebration from May 22 to 24 in Madrid.

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AInomics will address within its program the present role and evolution of technologies such as Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, automated reasoning, voice recognition and robotics, and how the development of this ecosystem will help improve existing technologies.

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Sonia Pacheco

“Automation and Artificial Intelligence are revolutionizing all sectors. The AI ​​will give companies a better efficiency that must be reinvested in new experiences to customers and new business models,” said Sonia Pacheco, Congress Director of DES2018.

“For example, in terms of security, AI is able to identify the potential risks that the new generation of malware brings, putting the company on the level of early detection of cyber attacks. In banking, AI helps manage funds and products, and makes better investment decisions. And we could continue with many other examples,” she added.

The AInomics Forum

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Stuart Russell

The opening of this specialized forum will be held by Stuart J. Russell, the world leader in Artificial Intelligence with more than 35 years of experience and a pioneer in the understanding and uses of this technology, its long-term future and its relationship with the humanity.

During a presentation under the title “AI Present and Future,” Russell will share his knowledge about the current development and trends in AI, its applications, opportunities for the industry in the short and medium term, and their potential benefits.

In addition, he will discuss the future of this technology, responding to the possible impacts on society, as well as the possible risks that may arise.

AI Industry Transformation and Disruption

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David Farrell

The forum will also feature the participation of David Farrell, General Manager of IBM Cloud’s worldwide Watson and Cloud Platform organization, that will lead the presentation, “Artificial Intelligence: Let’s put Smart to Work.”

Companies with a vision of the future and business thinkers are using Artificial Intelligence to reimagine workflows with the purpose of building an intelligent future for decision making today.

In this session Farrell will analyze AI’s progress in the development of new knowledge in the company and in the transformation of critical industries such as healthcare, telecommunications and financial services to make better decisions.

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Jose Pedro Almeida

An AI success story will come from José Pedro Almeida, who will share his experience as the Head of Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning at São João Hospital Center in Portugal, one of the 10 hospitals worldwide that are implementing artificial intelligence in the health field. Almeida will tell how Artificial Intelligence is saving lives today.

Recognized as one of the 20 Portuguese with the greatest global projection, Almeida is a digital health enthusiast with extensive experience in the application of Big Data to help detect at-risk patients and alert medical personnel with information in real time.

Another powerful debate in this specialized agenda under the name “Future-making the corporate AI,” which will be attended by:

ai best practices des

Max Amordeluso

Together, they will discuss the tactics needed to master this technology and to integrate them into the current business process.

Max Amordeluso, Amazon’s Lead Evangelist and Amazon’s Alexa skills manager for Europe, will also explain how the e-commerce giant is championing the growth of the voice recognition market and why the future of conversation with machines is to converse with them just as we do with human beings.

AI Ethics

Understanding that the changes introduced by AI are already taking place, The AInomics will discuss the ethical dilemmas of Artificial Intelligence and its foreseeable consequences with respect to the use of automation.

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Sergio Alvarez-Teleña

The forum will also discuss the convergence of Artificial Intelligence in emerging technologies such as IoT, Cloud, and Blockchain to discover, classify and protect confidential data in the public cloud while identifying and predicting patterns in order to personalize a service to the client or simplify decision making using connected devices.

Another speaker to be highlighted is Sergio Álvarez-Teleña, PHD and Honorary Senior Researcher at the University College of London, an expert economist in algorithmic trading and Artificial Intelligence who will expose new man-machine convergences and the application of the advances and achievements made with the algorithms in Finance to other industries.

DES 2018 Madrid Highlights

More than 18,000 digital transformation professionals and executives will attend DES in Madrid from May 22-24 to find the proposals and solutions from the most innovative technological companies and consultancies in the world.

The largest world conference on digital transformation, the Digital Enterprise Show (DES), will once again bring together the knowledge of international speakers on Digital Leadership, Cloud, IoT, Cybersecurity, Blockchain, and Artificial Intelligence in Madrid from May 22-24.

More than 450 international speakers will present across 200 conferences over the course of three days in May at DES in Madrid.


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