Gmelius, the startup transforming email into an collaborative operations platform

July 20, 2018


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According to Internet Live Stats, a whopping 2,690,160 legitimate emails are sent every second. This adds up to over 200 billion every day, which equates to over 30 emails for every person on earth, every day.

Email has become one of the most prevalent forms of communication within our modern world, and arguably the most common form of communication within business. While there might be methods to stop emails piling up, we all know it can be difficult to stay on top of a busy inbox.

There are a number of modern tools from industrious startups striving to help keep our inboxes nice and tidy, one of which is Gmelius, a Swiss company which develops and offers a unique plug-and-play software solution that transforms email into an advanced communication platform.

Very early in my professional career, I realized that whilst email is the primary communication channel at work, it can’t simply keep up with the purposes it’s called to fulfill.

Florian Bersier

Florian Bersier

Founded in 2016, Gmelius is the product of Dr. Florian Bersier, the founder and original developer of Gmelius. Bersier is no stranger to finding solutions to difficult problems as he holds a PhD in Complex Systems from the University of Oxford, along with a Master’s degree from the École Polytechnique, France.

Gmelius works as a CRM specifically designed for SMBs, offering all the functionalities they might need to manage every lead at an affordable price. Unlike other solutions, Gmelius offers automation, collaboration and productivity all in one, from a customer’s inbox. It offers an optimum programme for a very specific market that doesn’t require the installation of any software, just adding an extension, with the reliability of consistent technical support and customer care.

As a result, Gmelius helps professionals and businesses increase their productivity, protect their privacy and collaborate efficiently in their inbox. What’s more, the all-in-one solution seamlessly integrates into Gmail, the largest and fastest growing email service in the world, and its one billion active users.

Gmelius has based its growth on word-of-mouth and buzz generated from organic reviews by industry experts.

The rising startup aims to advance its expertise and technical knowledge for IT managers to help create dashboards with KPIs and application development for tools that can improve email communications, cross-team collaboration and email integrations, allowing users to handle an entire operation from their email. Gmelius also aims to create content and resources to improve marketing and sales processes by optimizing pipelines and logistics through email.

To get a better idea of the company and its future intentions we spoke with Bersier who had this to say.

“Very early in my professional career, I realized that whilst email is the primary communication channel at work, it can’t simply keep up with the purposes it’s called to fulfill. Let me explain; email is actually more than fifty years old! Initially designed in the mid-1960s, the first message that had the form now recognized as email, was sent at the beginning of the 1970s.”

“Since then, email has very little evolved, yet it has progressively gained a predominant place in human exchanges to the point that it is today the most used communication tool in a workplace environment with more than 270 billion emails sent every day.”

“Thus, from being developed to send only messages, it is nowadays exploited for a larger and more diverse set of purposes: exchange documents, handle sales, manage projects, collaborate with team members, sign contracts, and so forth. This dramatic evolution in terms of usage led to a pronounced mismatch between how email is effectively used and what it is capable of.”

“So this is how Gmelius came to be. In brief, Gmelius is a lightweight and collaborative CRM that adapts email to the modern workflow and reinvents your inbox to build valuable customer relationships.”

“Gmelius seamlessly integrates into existing email clients and offers a unique and complete solution, tailored to the needs of small businesses.”

“It counts today more than 150,000 daily active users, a user base achieved with a close to zero marketing budget. With a reliable and ever-evolving set of features, coupled with stellar customer support, Gmelius has based its growth on word-of-mouth and buzz generated from organic reviews by industry experts,” said Bersier.

“Innovation is the cornerstone of Gmelius growth plan. The company has been a pioneer in the development of a hybrid architecture bridging the gap between a centralized technology such as email and a decentralized on such as the blockchain to prevent email forgery. Email stamping, offered by Gmelius, is the first feature of its kind and it’s only the starting point for a set of further functionalities to be offered and cover other unsolvable security complications that burden your email communications.”

“Gmelius is constantly growing and ambitions to become the number 1 lightweight CRM in 2 years time. Our team’s goal is to offer a complete CRM accessible to all businesses regardless of their size and in particular to small businesses. With the CRM for SMBs business segment driving the growth of the industry today – estimated to grow at a CAGR of 18.0% over the next nine years (, 2018) our mission is for our brand to become synonymous with excellence in the segment and the most reliable ally to small businesses in need to either stay afloat or scale up in today’s highly competitive environment.”

Given the talent behind its creation and its versatile uses for modern email, it understandable why a service like this would be so essential for professionals that want to utilize email in the most efficient way possible.


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