How BOS Framework Is Building a Safer Bridge to Cloud Infrastructure

October 12, 2021


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It isn’t news that technological innovations are growing and expanding, and with them, an era that requires constant updating has commenced. This has resulted in many companies outsourcing and embracing a cloud ecosystem to tow the line in both security and compliance—with 92% of enterprises currently employing a multi-cloud strategy and 82% a hybrid cloud strategy. 

With technology advancing quickly, so too do the capabilities for hackers. This leaves companies vulnerable and in dire need to enable and evolve their data security systems. 

The standard approach to security currently deployed across the business landscape is outdated and failing with quick-fix approaches applied to deeply rooted problems. 

Unfortunately, this has shown that the foundation of many businesses’ security systems is cracked—demonstrating major disparities between the way security policies are framed, how they are enforced, and finally how security is audited. With BOS Framework, security and integration are achieved through the implementation of a sound security architecture.

Automating Security Controls and Compliance Setups

 BOS Framework is an end-to-end automation platform that is form-fitted to your AWS  or Azure infrastructure. As the simplest and fastest way to bring security and continuous regulatory compliance to your entire product ecosystem, you eliminate your business’ need to learn and keep up with niche tools and licenses. 

This assists enterprise CTOs and CIOs in saving massive amounts of money and effort by transitioning away from fractured, non-secure systems. Through a natively enabled and cloud-engineered platform, BOS provides a sound architecture to your company’s technology ecosystem by bringing all of the different required components into symbiosis. This holistic security design is constructed with the best engineering practices available on one automated platform.

Convert your single-tenant products to multi-tenancy with seamless data isolation

Cloud environments allow for easier integration with other applications through the use of an Application Programming Interface (API). By setting up a new multi-tenant platform, you have the ability to streamline and utilize multiple applications that work for your business via a user-friendly and intuitive interface. From there, you can independently source in a matter of minutes, making for “hands-free” maintenance. This means that BOS takes care of the upkeep for you, while you simply customize your requirements—alleviating the need for you or your employees to safeguard the technology environment. 

Implement your DevSecOps pipelines without the need to write code

Protecting data needs to be a priority in security strategy. A company should never have a colossal database without segmentation and distribution. A well-written code is the best defense against data theft. Built-in code scans, encryption, masking, endpoint protection, API security, and WAF rules are all included facets in a BOS framework. BOS also goes the extra mile by employing OAuth2, OpenID Connect, and SAML authentication and authorization. With all of these capacities streamlined, they migrate your legacy code to the cloud in under five minutes—generating more secure and efficient collaboration between teams, faster time to market, improved overall productivity, and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Robust API library for foundational functionality across workflows

With the capacity to deploy microservices, your business can develop a multitude of performances. Insight into user management, demographics, roles and permissions, and other common business needs is possible with an integrated interface that works for you. 

Other functionalities like ticketing, calendaring, forms-building, digital asset management, notifications, and commenting are all possible when you customize your platform via an API. With the ability to choose a tech stack that best suits your company, you can combine programming languages, frameworks, and tools that developers need to best improve your web or mobile app. This helps to synchronize and drastically improve the fundamental components of any digital interface including both the client-side (front-end) and server-side (back-end).

Building Safe Passage to The Cloud

As virtual attacks will continue to be inevitable for the foreseeable future, it is vital for a business’ security system to get an automated strategy that provides a robust defense mechanism against potential threats. In fact, 79% of enterprises want better-integrated security and governance for their data in the cloud.

 Data is often a business’ most valuable asset—giving insurmountable insight—so it is vital that businesses across industries employ the best defense team for the job. Security must be viewed as an organizational value that exists in all aspects of its operations and in every part of the product development life cycle. 

With durable security across all layers of your cloud ecosystem and dashboards with alerts that allow for complete visibility, observability, and traceability—a company can rest easy when they have a BOS Framework in place. 

Disclaimer: This article mentions a client of an Espacio portfolio company.


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