How one Irish company uses animation to explain complex topics like NAMA

Gimme The Short Version

Gimme The Short VersionInternational interest has been gathering lately around an innovative concept from Dublin based animations company, Igloo Animations, known as ‘Gimme The Short Version’. The service, which launched in March of this year, essentially helps companies consolidate complex explanations on a variety of subjects, like NAMA, into short, easy to understand animations.

According to the company:

“Gimme The Short Version is a simple way of explaining any topic using animation. We take large amounts of information, shorten it, and then make it visual.

“Each short version can be used as an educational or promotional tool to clearly explain any subject.”

Topics covered may include buying a house, setting up a business, laws of the country, rules of the road, health care issues and hospital regulations, environmental care, safety, financial advice, and charity and aid amongst others.

Here’s an example animation concerning Ireland’s controversial NAMA:

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