Trading Platform Launches Service Using Trading Bots to Make Calculated Decisions, Opening The Crypto World To Everyone

July 16, 2018


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Gimmer, an automated cryptocurrency trading platform, today launches its unique service which uses trading bots to make calculated decisions so anyone can get involved in the world of crypto.

The decentralized platform allows anyone to trade cryptocurrencies by utilizing advanced algorithmic trading bots that require no programming skills. With their ‘plug and play’ style platform, you simply need to make an account and the decision-making bots do all the work for you. The platform is not only useful for those who have no previous experience or understanding of the crypto world, but also for advanced traders who don’t have time to watch the markets all day long.

Gimmer works by connecting customers to a cryptocurrency exchange via API and then uses algorithmic trading bots and in the future, AI Bots, to make the trades on behalf of the customer. The user sets parameters and the bots then get on with the work.

The platform was launched after its founders realized trading and investing in cryptocurrencies was a time-consuming and complex process. Having success and making money from trading not only depends on skills and knowledge of the market but also luck, with the highly volatile cryptocurrencies rapidly losing and gaining value.

Those who want to get involved in this increasingly mainstream activity are normally required to constantly monitor their trades. Though this isn’t always practical. Gimmer is filling the void for those who want to be a part of the crypto revolution but may have other jobs and activities they need to undertake.

There are other automated trading platforms out there, but they require you to program the bots. Gimmer bots don’t need to be programmed, but users can customize them and choose a range of bots which can trade, monitor markets or offer loans on the currencies with the best returns. Users can also run backtests using historical data in addition to testing strategies on the platform in simulator mode, allowing them to trade without real currency.

Beginners will also be able to purchase strategies from expert traders and those with bot-making skills will have the opportunity to get paid for providing a service to the Gimmer trading community.

Gimmer’s founder, Persio Flexa, said of the launch: “As cryptocurrencies enter the mainstream, and more and more people want to jump on the bandwagon and get involved, enthusiasts are slowly realizing that this world needs a lot of focus and dedication.

“We at Gimmer are here to help with that. We know that not everyone has the time to monitor the markets 24/7, so we have created this super easy-to-use and intelligent platform to make it open to everyone. We hope the user enjoy using it as much as we have enjoyed developing it.”


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