Virtual healthcare: doctors are the new digital nomads on the Brains Byte Back podcast

August 26, 2019


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In a world where our work is becoming more virtual, why do we still wait days to physically see a doctor? This is the question at the heart and soul of this episode of the Brains Byte Back podcast.

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To understand the prevalence of virtual healthcare, and the issues holding it back, we spoke with Dr Risa Ravitz, the founder of, an online service dedicated to patients with chronic migraines, along with Stephanie Korpal, a mental health therapist who operates out of her practice, Marble Wellness, in St. Louis, while providing private therapy to her clients online, in addition to working as a virtual therapist for the company Better Help.

And for our Weird Wide Web story, we have an update on our story from the last episode, involving Kyle, the 3 million dollar world champion winner of Fortnite, and how his gaming session was interrupted by a SWAT turning up at his home.

Disclosure: This episode includes a client of an Espacio portfolio company


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