Vivaldi’s Browser is Behind the Wheel

December 22, 2021


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Today Vivaldi Technologies launched their web browser in The Polestar 2, a battery-electric car from the pure play, Swedish premium electric car company Polestar.

As the first-ever browser available for Android Automotive OS, Vivaldi web browser is one of the first full-featured browsers available in cars. Answering one of the top desires from Polestar owners, the inclusion of a full-scale web browser in the car now allows people to browse the web as they might on their mobile devices from the comfort of their car. This takes the next step towards smarter browsing and safer driving with Vivaldi and Polestar 2’s interactive, adaptive, and transparent development for web browsing on the go. 

This breakthrough browser was designed with safety and privacy at top of mind. To ensure safety, the browser can only be used when parked, with streaming content only able to continue with audio if driving commences. Some restrictions do apply on a case-by-case basis—for example, files cannot be downloaded once the car is put into drive. On the privacy side, when logged into a Vivaldi account, browsing data may only be shared between other devices logged into the same account. However, no browsing data is stored by the car itself, and data is never shared with Polestar.

Developed exclusively for Polestar 2 by the Vivaldi team in Norway, the app brings full browser functionality to the 11-inch center display of the Polestar car and functions similarly to how a browser would on an android mobile device. An important milestone in the browser space, Vivaldi’s attributes help improve the user experiences of drivers—allowing Polestar drivers to simply go to the Google Play Store and install the browser.

Innovative Browsers: Driving to New Lengths 

Having launched in 2016, Vivaldi is a flexible, fully customizable browser that adapts to its users and offers more features than any other modern browser. Embracing the two ground rules that privacy is a default, and everything’s an option—Vivaldi aims to create new experiences at work, at home, and now even in cars. With this adventurous step into the automotive world, they have showcased their spirit for innovation and experimentation. 

Building software that protects users’ privacy and also does not track how they use it, Vivaldi believes private and secure software should be the rule rather than the exception.

On top of state-of-the-art security measures, the Vivaldi browser for Polestar 2 doesn’t compromise on innovation—boasting many features such as tabbed browsing, streaming ability, and online shopping. The browser is also built around flexibility while simultaneously embracing security, with safeguard measures including a built-in ad blocker, privacy-friendly translation tool, notes function, tracking protection, and encrypted sync functionality.

The Vivaldi browser for Polestar 2 is now available in all European, North American, and Asia Pacific markets. Vivaldi for Android Automotive OS will receive regular updates alongside its other supported platforms including Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android. Changing the way browsers interact with a variety of interfaces, Vivaldi is driving to new lengths for innovation and forging the future of web browser experiences.

Disclaimer: This article mentions a client of an ESPACIO portfolio company.


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