Apple to buy on-demand video giant Hulu?

Apple to buy on-demand video giant Hulu?

Apple is reportedly considering making a bid for Hulu, the on-demand TV show and movie streaming service, according to Bloomberg. Bloomberg quote two people “who weren’t authorized to speak publicly” that Apple are in early talks with Hulu, and may eventually make an offer for the video giant.

Hulu allows users in the US to view their favourite shows online for free

Hulu allows users in the US to view their favourite shows online for free

Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft are all said to be interested in purchasing Hulu. Google has already shown its intent to get involved in the on-demand video space by adding 3,000 full-length films to YouTube in May, although currently only available to users in the United States.

Microsoft has been involved in intensive negotiations with Hulu over the past month but has recently dropped out and stated that it would not be entering a second round of bids. Yahoo! would love to acquire Hulu and further project its transformational image of an internet media empire.

Hulu have promised five years of programming content to the highest bidder, as well as two years exclusivity, further sweetening the deal to potential buyers. It’s thought that such an acquisition of Hulu could cost as high as $2 billion.

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