Google’s short-lived anti-SOPA/PIPA blackout logo joins Doodle archive

Google's SOPA Doodle
Google's SOPA Doodle

Google’s blink-and-you-missed it anti-SOPA/PIPA Doodle, which was live on Google Search’s homepage in the US for only a few hours on Wednesday, is back online.

Google's SOPA Doodle
Google's SOPA Doodle

Google published its Doodle, which shows a black box covering most of the company’s logo, on the 18th as part of the wider anti-SOPA, anti-PIPA protests but didn’t leave it online for the full day (See the Reddit discussion here).  It’s not clear why Google took the logo down so quickly but, as we reported yesterday, this didn’t diminish Google’s impact on the protests; Google’s anti-SOPA sub-site was tweeted nearly 300,000 times on Wednesday alone.

Today Google published the censored logo on its Google Doodle site and as part of its Media Tools Picasa page.  The logo went live on the Doodle site a few hours ago and already has nearly 200 +1’s.  As of yet the Doodle is not available to buy on Google’s “Doodle on Demand” store, which allows users have various Google logos printed on cups, skateboard, t-shirts, and mouse mats.

Google homepage's blacked out SOPA logo
Google homepage's blacked out SOPA logo

On Picasa Google published screen grabs of some of the high-profile websites, including Mashable, TechCrunch, Wired, as well as its own search page and anti-SOPA site, which protested the introduction of the acts.  Google’s Media Tools Picasa page has previously been used by the company to show satellite imagery of natural disasters – most notably Japan in March 2011, after the earthquake and tsunami, and the floods in Thailand in November.

Meanwhile Twitter announced that nearly 3.9 million tweets were posted on the site on Wednesday about SOPA and PIPA.  Twitter reported that SOPA, Stop SOPA, PIPA, Tell Congress #factswithoutwikipedia were the most tweeted SOPA-related terms.



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