Microsoft to face further fines over EU browser choice failure

Microsoft Windows 8
Microsoft Windows 8

Microsoft may face additional fines over its failure to properly implement a browser choice directive as instructed by the European Commission.

Since December 2009, Microsoft has been legally bound to display a browser choice screen to Windows user in Europe, allowing them to specifically select an internet browser to install.

Between February and July 2011, however, the EC has found that Microsoft failed to deliver this browser choice screen to millions of Windows 7 Service Pack 1 users.

Microsoft could be fined up to 10% of global turnover, although this severity of penalty is unlikely. The EC describes 10% as “a legal maximum, not an indication of what a possible fine would be.”

Microsoft, in a statement earlier today, said that it takes that matter “very seriously” and that it was as a result of a “technical error”. Part of that statement reads,

“Although this was the result of a technical error, we take responsibility for what happened, and we have taken steps to strengthen our internal procedures to help ensure something like this cannot happen again.”

To date, Microsoft has paid €1.6 billion in fines to the EC over the issue.

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