Resource: Latest Dublin City travel information, including map of restricted areas

Stop sign. Credit: Kt Ann via Flickr
Credit: Kt Ann via Flickr

Dublin is about to see one of the largest security operations put in place this week as Queen Elizabeth, British Prime Minister David Cameron and President Obama visit the capital.

During the visits most of the city centre will see road closures and restrictions for commuters and pedestrians. This page contains the latest information for people who will be in and around Dublin City during the visits. In the map below the area in black will see travel and parking restrictions during the 10 days from May 14 to May 24.

Below the map are the latest tweets from @DublinTransport, @LiveDrive, @aaroadwatch, @GardaTraffic, @Official_Luas, @DublinBusNews and @IrishRail

View Traffic Restrictions during Queen Elizabeth’s and Obama’s visits in a larger map

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